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HexPuzzle Struct Reference

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struct  Undo

Public Member Functions

void _LoadSave (FILE *f, bool save)
void ActivateSpecial (Pos const &p, int type)
void CheckFinished ()
bool Collide (Pos p, bool high)
int Count (Tile t)
void DoHints ()
void FileDrop (const char *filename)
void FireGun (Pos newpos, Dir d, bool recurse, double fireTime)
void FreeGraphics ()
int GetHeight (Pos const &p)
Tile GetItem (Pos const &p)
int GetLastPlayerRot ()
LevelInfoGetLevelInfo (const char *f)
int GetLevelState (Pos const &p, int recurse=0)
int GetPar (const char *level, bool getdiff=false)
char * GetSpecial (Pos const &p)
Tile GetTile (Pos const &p)
bool HandleKey (int key, int mod)
void InitSpecials ()
bool Input (Dir d)
bool KeyPressed (int key, int mod)
void KeyReleased (int key)
bool LaserTile (Pos p, int mask, double fireTime)
SDL_Surface * Load (const char *bmp, bool colourKey=true)
void LoadGraphics ()
void LoadMap ()
void LoadProgress ()
bool LoadSave (const char *filename, bool save)
void LoadSaveProgress (bool save)
virtual void Mouse (int x, int y, int dx, int dy, int button_pressed, int button_released, int button_held)
char * ReadAll (FILE *f)
void Render ()
int Replace (Tile t, Tile t2)
void ResetLevel ()
void ResetUndo ()
void SaveProgress ()
void ScoreDestroy (Pos p)
virtual void ScreenModeChanged ()
void SetItem (Pos const &p, int t, bool updateRenderer=true, bool undoBuffer=true)
void SetSpecial (Pos const &p, char *d, bool use_pointer=false, bool auto_activate=true)
void SetTile (Pos const &p, Tile t, bool updateRenderer=true, bool undoBuffer=true)
int Swap (Tile t, Tile t2)
void Undo ()
void UndoDone ()
void Update (double timedelta)
void UpdateCursor (Pos const &s)
void UpdateKeys ()

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned int fread_replace (void *d, unsigned int size, unsigned int num, FILE *)

Public Attributes

char currentFile [1000]
bool dead
bool editMode
Tile editTile
static char * endLoad = 0
int levelDiff
PackFile1 levelFiles
int levelPar
int map_item [MAP_SIZE][MAP_SIZE]
int numComplete
int numLevels
int numLevelsFound
int numMastered
int numUndo
Pos player
int player_items [2]
int player_score
SaveState progress
WorldRenderer renderer
char * special [MAP_SIZE][MAP_SIZE]
int tileCount [NumTileTypes]
double time
int turboAnim
Undo undo [MAX_UNDO]
double undoTime
bool win
int winFinal

Static Public Attributes

static char * loadPtr = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1429 of file hex_puzzzle.cpp.

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